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Arians won't discuss Cards' interest in Adrian Peterson

PHOENIX -- If the Arizona Cardinals plan to make a play for the finest running back on Planet Earth, coach Bruce Arians isn't spilling the beans.

Asked Wednesday about the chances of trading for Vikings running back Adrian Peterson, Arians deep-sixed the question right out of the gate.

"You're trying to get me fined? That's tampering, dude!" Arians joked with a reporter at the NFC coaches breakfast. "I ain't gonna talk about another player."

A second Peterson-tilted question by the group fared no better, with Arians announcing: "I ain't saying jack about Adrian Peterson. I can get fined for that."

Two tables away, Vikings coach Mike Zimmer confirmed that Minnesota had no plans to trade Peterson, but Arians couldn't escape the questions. The queries kept coming, with a third scribe attempting to ask if Arians would enjoy having a player "like" Peterson on his roster.

"There aren't too many like him!" Arians said, without uttering another word.

We still see this trade as a real possibility at some stage this offseason, but good luck getting the Cardinals to confirm any interest. With teams throwing tampering charges around like pigskin, it's wise to keep one's mouth shut.

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