Arians on Cards' woes: I obviously did something wrong

There was plenty of blame to go around in Arizona's ugly 34-7 loss to the Eagles.

Bruce Arians, though, kept his complaints local.

"This is one of those games where everyone is looking for an excuse or somewhere to point a finger, but I've got to point it at me because our team obviously was not ready to play in all three phases," the Cardinals coach said, per ESPN.

"I was kind of shocked. But I obviously did something wrong."

Right guard Evan Boehm quickly disagreed, telling reporters: "Coach wasn't out there playing."

From a coaching angle, though, Arizona's issues on Sunday weren't particularly new. Sitting at 2-3, the Cardinals' most troubling weakness centers squarely on an offensive line that has left quarterback Carson Palmer to face endless peril.

Absorbing two more sacks -- and countless hits and contact throughout -- Palmer simply won't last the season facing this brand of weekly heat.

As Gregg Rosenthal noted in our 36 Takeaways From Sunday omnibus, some of this trouble charts back to the coach's philosophy on offense, where "Arians refuses to leave in an extra pass protector and Palmer continues to pay."

On a team with zero running game and a patched-together offensive line, the negatives are beginning to mount for a club that stood out as one of the NFL's most fun-to-watch operations just two seasons ago.

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