Are the Colts going to be looking at a new coach?

Does anybody remember the scene in Varsity Blues when the West Canaan Wolf Pack pulls the mutiny on Bud Kilmer and injured quarterback Lance Harbor takes over play-calling duties? Ignore the whole plot hole of the lack of assistant coaches for West Canaan and what happened to them, but I imagine this exact same scenario to play out in Indianapolis.

Seriously, Jim Caldwell should be looking over his shoulder right now because that is on the horizon. Although, in a hilarious turn, this all makes Kerry Collins Jon Moxon (played by James Van Der Beek).

Now who has questions?

Kolb or Schaub - Mark Paczkowski (via text message)
Schaub is such a great start, I feel like I have him ranked too low against the Colts. This game has the look to me where Gary Kubiak could start running up the score to send a message to the Colts. Love Schaub this week, and not just because I have him in a couple of leagues. Well, that does not hurt.

I waited way too long in my draft to pick a quarterback. I ended up with Kyle Orton, and Cam Newton. I also have picked up Grossman off the waiver. I am leaning toward the obviously more proven Orton, but should I give 1 of the other 2 a start? Also, I was thinking to trade a RB for a QB because I drafted RB heavy and have 4 starters. Who should I part ways with, Fred Jackson or Moreno? -- Daniel Peele (via Facebook)
Start Grossman this week, he is my pick-to-click. Though, I need a cooler name for that. Grossman torches the Giants this week. Remember he had 336 yards and two touchdowns and two picks against the Giants last year, and New York could be worse this year with all of the injuries.

My league uses two backs and a flex. I am starting MJD and Addai … who should be my third back - Reggie Bush, Mark Ingram or Mike Tolbert? -- Fink (via text message)
I have Bush as a slightly better start than Ingram in my initial rankings. The thing I want to see is how that rotation in New Orleans works out. Ingram is initially the goal-line back, if you base it on the preseason. Bush is going to get his chances against New England. Go with Bush for right now.

Dude!!! Should I think about dumping Mercedes Lewis now that his new QB was working at McDonald's last week? -- Brian Badger (via Facebook)
Lewis still has a tremendous amount of upside, even with Luke McCown there, who will likely rely on the big guy as he gets accustomed to starting.

Hi Adam, this is my other fantasy team, you already gave me your good advices on my other team: QB1-Freeman, RB1-Charles, RB2-Felix Jones, WR1-Calvin Johnson, WR2-Steve Johnson, TE-Vernon Davis, LB-Chad Greenway, D/ST-Cardinals, K-Feely and we only have three benches so I picked QB2-Bradford, RB3-C. Benson, WR3-Santana Moss. I have two questions for you for week 1, who do I start at RB2, Felix Jones or Cedric Benson and WR2, Steve Johnson or Santana Moss? Thanks again and hoping that NFL 2011 will be a great season, by the way, which team do you support? Adrian from Mexico, I'm a Cowboy Fan! -- Adrian Morales Torres (via Facebook)
You are just bragging now. That is a really good team. I have Jones as a slightly better start than Benson right now, because the Cowboys are going to have to get the ball into Jones' hands to be successful. And since you are a Cowboys fan, roll with him.

Mr Rank Sir, I have Brandon Marshall, Santonio Holmes, Austin Collie, Lance Moore and Danny Amendola as my WR's. Assuming I should start Marshall and Holmes, who should I pick as my third out of the remaining options? I like Amendola but not sure. Thanks in advance. -- Richard Jebus Berry (via Facebook)
You are spot-on, Richard. Collie is a mess and Lance Moore has a tough matchup against Green Bay. But look for Amendola to be the preferred target for Sam Bradford this season.

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