Archie Manning: Peyton's foot injury goes back months

As far back as the Denver Broncos' third preseason game in late August, we saw evidence that something was physically wrong with Peyton Manning.

Although news of Manning's plantar fascia tear didn't surface until his mid-November benching, his father said Thursday that the injury has been an issue since the summer time.

"He's really had this foot problem that's been going on for five or six months," Archie Manning told WDSU-TV in New Orleans on Thursday.

If Manning believes his disappointing season can be attributed to injury rather than diminished talent level, perhaps he will consider playing at age 40 next season.

"He's not going to think about retirement right now," Archie added. "He's trying to get well. He wants to get well. He's got a team there that's in the middle of a playoff run he wants to help. If he gets back on the field, he wants to be ready."

Can we expect Manning to be football-ready after battling a foot injury for six months? We might find out as soon as next week if Brock Osweiler loses a second straight start.

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