Aqib Talib claims Colts' Allen was milking eye poke

In the least surprising development of the day, the eye poke heard 'round the world is still making waves. Less than 24 hours after it cost the Broncos a chance to stay undefeated and Peyton Manning a chance to set an NFL passing yards record, Aqib Talib and Dwayne Allen remain the center of conversation.

Talib, who was flagged for the gesture, made a third-and-7 into a first-and-goal at the 6-yard line. From his perspective, Allen was milking it.

"From my angle, I see (Allen) head butt Von a little bit. I went over to poke his head, and I think my hand slipped and hit his face," Talib said, per The Denver Post. "He acted like he got in an 18-passenger car wreck. I guess that's what type of guy he is."

Allen obviously disagreed.

"It was a cheap play," Allen said, via the Indy Star. "I'm just going to leave it at that. I totally understand that emotions are part of this game. I try to play this game the right way and play as hard as I can within the rules and echo of the whistle. That's how you are coached since little league. I just hope that everyone else can play that way also."

Talib hilariously tried to say he was just attempting to poke Allen in the head for arguing with Von Miller when video clearly showed otherwise. Per NFL Media Insider Ian Rapoport, the league is reviewing the matter.

It was a fitting attempt to end one of the more ridiculous on-field scandals we've seen all season.

To be clear: We're not accusing Talib of flying off the handle. Though it's hard for fans to comprehend, players do dumb things in the heat of the moment because they're angry and wound up and there's an unbelievable amount of pressure and stress bearing down on them all at once.

But we do get a laugh out of exactly how Talib decided to fly off the handle. This is Three Stooges-level justice.

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