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Anything short of extraordinary could doom Jones in Atlanta

Thomas Dimitroff has every reason to feel proud.

It isn't often that we see bold trades like the one he pulled off during the draft, so the Atlanta Falcons' general manager was entitled to take a few bows when he mentioned to our Albert Breer that it was the perfect marriage of opportunity and timing.

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Of course, Dimitroff understands the deal won't stop people from second-guessing him for giving up five picks to the Cleveland Browns for the chance to make Alabama wide receiver Julio Jones with the sixth overall choice. Dimitroff also understands that it only ramps up the pressure he already feels as a GM.

But I can think of someone else who is feeling -- or will feel -- every bit as much pressure as Dimitroff, and that's Jones.

In order for this trade to be viewed as a success, Jones must be well beyond ordinary as a rookie. He must be something that rookie receivers usually are not. He must be spectacular. He must put up numbers that earn him Rookie of the Year honors and a trip to the Pro Bowl.

Anything less, and the deal will be seen as a flop ... and that doesn't even take into account how things work out from the Browns' end.

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