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Antrel Rolle once again predicts Giants can run table

The Antrel Rolle run-the-table prediction is starting to become a fantastic holiday season tradition.

Back in November 2012, when the Giants were 6-4 and in first place in the NFC East, Rolle told WFAN in New York that the Giants were looking to go undefeated for the remainder of the season and seal a No. 1 seed.

In October 2013, when the Giants were 0-4, Rolle said he believed the Giants could go 12-0 to save the season.

And Tuesday, once again on WFAN Radio, Rolle made his yearly proclamation to all those who were waiting and wondering if the Giants could do it again (Rolle is 0-2 on such predictions, by the way).

"There's no doubt in my mind," Rolle said, via the New York Daily News, when asked if the Giants could finish 9-7 and have a shot at the playoffs.

Rolle is a product of the market he plays in. He appears on radio programs, sometimes as a paid guest, and is prodded to say things like this. Because he is willing to lay out his confidence in his teammates, he sometimes gets pigeonholed as the player who will predict such things on demand.

Such is the life of an NFL captain.

The bottom line is that there was some belief within the Giants organization that New York could make a run before the 49ers game. The remaining schedule includes games against Jacksonville, St. Louis, Washington and Tennessee. But now, it's awfully hard to believe that a 9-7 team wins the NFC East.

It's also awfully hard to believe the Giants would beat the Cowboys and the Eagles with their current roster.

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