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Antrel Rolle: Giants' loss 'worse than embarrassing'

Getting blown out in Seattle isn't necessarily embarrassing.

But getting blown out in Seattle and surrendering a Seahawks franchise record of 350 rushing yards and four Marshawn Lynch rushing touchdowns?

"I think it's a little bit worse than embarrassing," Giants captain Rolle said after the loss Sunday, per

The Giants do not have the talent to compete with a team like Seattle at the moment. Yes, Odell Beckham continues to be fantastic and will develop into a top-10 wide receiver in this league. Yes, the Giants played well enough to go into the half with a lead.

That being said, the way they were gashed on Sunday will certainly make an impression on some of the team's decision-makers. This is the second year in a row in which the Giants have looked soft at spots along their defense. The once dominant, physical nature of their Super Bowl winning defense is a thing of the past.

Now, the team is 3-6 and staring down another losing season. Tom Coughlin will have the Giants believing that they can finish the season 10-6 even though it's not realistic. He'll inevitably be the first person most people point their fingers at when wondering how the team got to a place where they missed the playoffs five times in six seasons.

But what about the years leading up to this? Who will take the blame for assembling a defense that was just good enough to get steamrolled in Seattle?

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