Antonio Brown: We lost to one of NFL's worst teams

We've reached the quarter pole of the NFL season. The Pittsburgh Steelers hold the unfortunate distinction of being on the wrong end of the season's biggest upset to date.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers went into Heinz Field on Sunday and came out with stunning 27-24 victory, thanks to a 5-yard touchdown pass from Mike Glennon to Vincent Jackson with 7 seconds to play. This was the same Bucs team that allowed 56 consecutive points to the Atlanta Falcons in their previous game.

It was a stomach-churning loss for a Steelers team that was coming off an impressive primetime win over the Carolina Panthers. Now it's back to square one.

"We just lost to one of the worst NFL teams in our house," Antonio Brown said on Monday. "We blew the game. We feel embarrassed, we feel shame.

"Losing the game at the end is unacceptable."

The Steelers are in the middle of the pack statistically as a defense this season. Safety Troy Polamalu said he isn't concerned that the Steelers' inability to stop Glennon and the Bucs on the final drive speaks to larger issues with the unit.

"What we lacked in the second half against Cleveland, what we lacked in the second half against Tampa is what we got in the second half at Carolina," he said. "Our offense made splash plays, our defense made splash plays. We just didn't have that in the second half Sunday."

The Steelers can get their house back in order with a matchup against the winless Jaguars up next. If Pittsburgh can't take care of business in Jacksonville, it's time to hit the black and gold panic button.

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