Antonio Brown, Emmanuel Sanders trade Twitter barbs

As the hot takes concerning Antonio Brown's actions at the end of the 2018 season continue to streak across the sky, Brown isn't taking them quietly.

Wednesday brought Bruce Arians saying Brown has changed and become too much of a diva, and that this isn't the same Brown who was drafted in 2010.

(This will be lost in the shuffle, but the rest of Arians' comments on Brown were positive.)

Brown, of course, took to Twitter to respond, and decided to drag an old teammate into the mess:

Brown was referencing Emmanuel Sanders' appearance on NFL Network -- where he has made offseason and bye-week appearances in pursuit of a broadcasting career after football well before the 2018 season -- in which Sanders said he wasn't surprised by Brown's latest actions.

The full analysis can be heard here:

Sanders shot back at Brown with his own thumbs Wednesday, explaining he was just doing his temporary job as a television analyst, recommending Brown "get off the gas" and finishing an emphatic 230 characters with "You did it to yourself."

If one was reading tea leaves, this shouldn't be all that surprising.

I sat down with Sanders just before the start of the 2018 season and we took a trip back to his Pittsburgh days. It became evident there was still some lingering animosity related to the Steelers and their choice of Brown over Sanders (who rightfully got what he was due when he went to Denver in free agency, made two Pro Bowls and won a Super Bowl).

"Looking back at Pittsburgh, it was Antonio [Brown's] destiny to be over there by himself and with no help," Sanders told me. "Because you want to talk about a guy, man, they feed him the ball. Being the No. 2 receiver over there is not fun at times."

Arians mentioned how hard Brown and Sanders were competing and how it benefitted the Steelers during Pittsburgh's run to Super Bowl XLV. But this, this isn't just a passing exchange. There's some history and some deep-seated spice here.

It seems as though this topic isn't going away any time soon.

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