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Anti-John Idzik banner flown over Jets facility

Jets fans are going to great lengths to make their voices heard.

First, there was the group that purchased three billboards around MetLife Stadium all asking owner Woody Johnson to fire general manager John Idzik.

On Wednesday, though, it all seemed trivial compared to a plane that was circling around the practice facility during workouts. The plane, which the renters of the billboards have claimed they did not purchase, carried a banner that also suggested the Jets should fire Idzik.

When you're 1-8 in New York, these are the types of things that can happen. The Jets are heading into a matchup against Pittsburgh in which there could very well be more Steelers fans in the building.

Then we might be able to find out if the Jets really are losing their fan base, or if they're just the victim of a very loud faction.

In the meantime, Rex Ryan came to Idzik's defense, telling fans that it isn't just one man's problem.

"My thoughts are, trust me, I get it. I know our fans are really frustrated, there's no doubt about it," he told reporters in Florham Park today. "Obviously, we're very frustrated, everybody is. We want to win and all that type of stuff. I personally don't think it's appropriate. I'll say this, we're working our butts off. John, everybody is working their butts off to find a way to win, and that's really what it is."

This is why having Ryan is a good thing for a franchise. Despite his reputation as a loose cannon, he has always been loyal to anyone wearing the same color. He and Idzik may have their disagreements, but Ryan has his back.

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