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Andy Reid supports Roger Goodell's 'bounty' punishments

Reporters have been hard pressed to get any substantive answer from NFL coaches on what they think of the league's harsh penalties stemming from the New Orleans Saints "bounty" scandal.

Philadelphia Eagles coach Andy Reid, however, did not opt for the traditional "no comment" when the media broached the topic this weekend.

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"I don't agree with bounties," Reid told the Philadelphia Inquirer. "I know I don't believe in that, and I know I support what the commissioner did."

One of the people hit the hardest was Reid's coaching colleague Sean Payton, who is suspended without pay for the 2012 season. Former Saints and current St. Louis Rams defensive coordinator Gregg Williams has been suspended indefinitely for his role in orchestrating the "bounty" program.

Reid told reporters the concept of players intentionally hurting their peers goes against what he's seen from athletes around the league throughout his coaching career.

"When you talk to the players, do they want to put a nice hit on somebody? Absolutely. Do they want to maim them, hurt them where they can't make a living? No," Reid said. "Guys don't want to ruin another man's career."

Reid also championed the work Goodell has done overall as commissioner, despite the intense criticism he has received.

"He's making people accountable for their work and what they say and what they do, and I don't think that's bad," Reid said. "Do people like change? No, people don't like change, so there's going to be people that gripe . . . but I think for the betterment of the game, for the betterment of the NFL, I think he's keeping perspective on that."

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