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Andy Reid regrets not using Jamaal Charles more

Andy Reid has regrets.

His biggest one coming off Sunday's road loss to the San Francisco 49ers was not getting Jamaal Charles the ball enough.

The Kansas City Chiefs' most dynamic offensive player went long stretches without touching the ball. The most puzzling was Reid opting to throw multiple times on third-and-short.

The most egregious play-call misstep came on the Chiefs' first possession of the fourth quarter when, trailing by two points, Reid selected a pass play on third-and-1 instead of running it with Charles. The pass fell incomplete, and the Chiefs had to punt. Kansas City got one more possession the rest of the game and lost by five points. 

"If we had that to do over again, and this is hindsight, but I'd probably come back and hand it to him and give him an opportunity to make that play," Reid said Monday, per

Charles ended with 15 carries for 80 yards and one catch for four. 

It's the second time in five games this season that Reid admitted he should have utilized Charles more -- the first coming after the back had just seven carries in Week 1. Perhaps he won't need a third time. Perhaps.

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