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Andy Reid on Tom Brady: 'The age thing hasn't hit him'

Fans of #GradualDecline, avert your eyes.

Tom Brady might be 41, but Chiefs coach Andy Reid doesn't see anything but a number when he watches the quarterback play.

"I haven't seen any decline, and I haven't seen him get any slower," Reid said of Brady during his Wednesday news conference. "That's not his deal, he's not going to run and do all that unless he has to. He's as accurate, he sees things better than he did when he was younger. I'm wearing glasses, he doesn't. The age thing hasn't hit him."

Brady finished the 2018 regular season with 4,355 passing yards and a TD-INT ratio of 29-11, completing 65.8 percent of his passes along the way. He posted his -- gasp -- first sub-100 passer rating since 2014. Essentially, he was the same quarterback he's been for a while now.

That quarterback is an AFC title-winning signal-caller, and leader of the greatest comeback in Super Bowl history. Reid's correct in not stoking this fire by any means. Plus, he's been on the losing end of this postseason matchup before, as was Justin Houston during the 2018 regular season.

Smart move, Chiefs. We'll see how sharp Brady ends up being come Sunday.

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