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Andy Reid on Poe's TD toss: 'Bloated Tebow Pass'

The 2016 Kansas City Chiefs and the story of the Big Man TD.

When Andy Reid gets a chance to take it to an AFC West rival, he does it with an exclamation point.

Early in the season in a double-digit win over the Oakland Raiders, Reid called for a TD to 346-pound nose tackle Dontari Poe on a 1-yard backward pass. That play was called "Hungry Pig Right."

In Sunday's blowout over the Denver Broncos, Reid once again called Poe's number. The massive D-lineman lined up in the Wildcat formation at the goal line and threw a short jump pass to Demetrius Harris to finish the scoring in the 33-10 shellacking.

The Poe toss play was called "Bloated Tebow Pass," Reid said after the game, recalling the former Broncos QB Tim Tebow, who became known for -- among many things -- the jump pass during his days at Florida.

"I've learned this over time: You can't score enough points against these teams,'' Reid said. "We don't take anything for granted. We're going to score as much as we can do it.''

Poe certainly became the heaviest player in NFL history to pass for a touchdown. He set the record for the heaviest man to rush for a score earlier in the year.

While Denver fans will surely take offense to the Chiefs rubbing it in with a big man score, most Broncos players didn't sound slighted.

"I'm happy for the big guy,'' Von Miller said, via "The loss is unfortunate ... they were up, they had the opportunity to score a touchdown. If the joystick was in my hand, I probably would have done it the same way. It's all good, and we'll see those guys two times next year.''

Added Aqib Talib: "There was time on the clock, and they were close enough to score a touchdown ... it's football. When they get inside the 10, they're going to go with some crazy kind of formation, crazy plays. This time, they had a D-tackle pass for us.''

The defending Super Bowl champs might have understood the play call, but they also won't forget the "Bloated Tebow Pass" anytime soon.

"Great play by them," safety Darian Stewart said. "Oh yeah, absolutely ... any time a defensive lineman throws a touchdown on you, you definitely remember that."

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