Andy Reid attempting to save his job by benching Michael Vick?

Eagles coach Andy Reid fired two coaches and is finishing the season with rookie QB Nick Foles. Is his decision to bench Mike Vick more on Vick's shortcomings or Reid's self-preservation attempt?

Yes. Desperate attempt, but rational. And if you grew up a Kriegel, you'd know my four favorite words by now: "I told you so."

Ha. You did. Although Reid wants to keep his gig, Vick's struggles staying healthy, ball security and winning pretty much sealed this type of downfall this season.

I kept hearing that Andy Reid would put Michael Vick back in the lineup just as soon as he was ready. Well, I'm still waiting. Reid likes Vick. But Reid loves his job.

A lot of us figured that since Reid was so aligned with Vick. Now we'll see where Vick plays next. Vick can't hold any grudges, though. Reid got him back in the game and got him paid.

They were done at 3-6 when Vick went down. They're 3-9 now. They've been playing for next year for the better part of a month.

Which is why Reid really had no choice. Plus, you don't know if Vick is one hit away from being seriously messed up.

The best thing -- maybe the only thing -- you can salvage from this season is knowing whether you have a franchise quarterback in Nick Foles. That's true no matter who's coaching the team.

True. Reid's getting him ready for someone else to coach, but at least he's allowing Foles to put some stuff on film for someone. Kindness amid a slew of the ugly reality of this season.

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