Andrew Luck shoulders blame for Colts' poor start

Whether or not Chuck Pagano heaped blame for the Indianapolis Colts' loss Sunday on Andrew Luck, the quarterback is shouldering the weight of another 0-2 start.

"One hundred percent," Luck said Wednesday, via the Indy Star. "I have to improve. There are no excuses."

The Colts' offensive line deserves part of the blame for its terrible performance the past two weeks, but Luck noted that he must protect the ball better after compiling five interceptions and a lost fumble in just two games.

"The fumble, the interceptions, I have direct control on what happens with the ball," he said. "As a quarterback, you do; it's in your hands. I haven't made the best decisions and missed some throws. Shoot, you work on it. You go out in practice and you work on it and see how you can do in the game."

The Colts' offense could get right this week against the Tennessee Titans -- a group that got burned deep by Johnny Manziel last Sunday.

After entering the season with lofty expectations as a team with the weapons to compete for the top offense in the NFL, Indy has struggled simply trying to move the ball on a consistent basis.

While they've been one of the most disappointing teams in the NFL to start the 2015 season, playing in the poor AFC South could help turn their year around. First, however, Luck knows he must quit turning the ball over.

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