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Andrew Luck: Reggie Wayne is no traitor

Some Indianapolis Colts fans are not happy Reggie Wayne signed with the New England Patriots.

"Anywhere but there!" some bellowed and moaned on social media following his one-year pact with the conference rival.

There has been a lot said locally about the long-time Colt since he made the decision to join Bill Belichick and Tom Brady. Indianapolis Star columnist Gregg Doyle even penned a piece titled: "Reggie Wayne - Patriot or traitor?"

When asked Tuesday about the local coverage of Wayne on the Rich Eisen Show, Colts quarterback Andrew Luck dismissed the idea that the receiver is anything close to a traitor.

"There's a lot of things said and written about a lot of people," Luck said. "But Reggie will always be one of the great Colts in my mind and a great, great teammate. You can't control what people write. It doesn't really matter what's fair, I think, and not fair necessarily as a player. But I know Reg is no traitor to me at all."

Of course he's not a traitor. After sitting out nearly all of the offseason after not being re-signed by the Colts after 14 years, the Pats were his first whiff of real interest. What was he to say? "Nah, I can't sign there, it might upset the team that decided it didn't want me?"

Above all, the NFL is a business, even if we as fans sometimes think it more.

As Eisen pointed out, it's just as weird seeing Andre Johnson in a Colts' uniform and Wayne in a Pats', but neither is anything close to a traitor.

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