Andrew Luck: I'm playing Broncos, not Peyton Manning

Andrew Luck and Peyton Manning will always be tied at the hip, but after the Colts manhandled the Bengalson Sunday, Luck had no interest in sizing up a potentially epic quarterback battle.

"It's not the quarterback-versus-quarterback thing," Luck said after the game. "We're not on the field at the same time. I have a lot of respect for him, what he does, what he still does is amazing. He's a stud. I'll worry about the Denver defense. That's what I'll worry about."

Luck is 1-1 in his career vs. the Broncos, but his record will always be looked at as one against Manning, against the quarterback he replaced after 14 seasons in Indianapolis.

As trivial as the comparison might be, like comparing starting pitchers in a baseball game, stat watching is almost impossible to ignore when it comes to the pair.

And if that is true, Luck is coming off arguably the best playoff gameof his young career.

Luck was void of some of the rookie mistakes he's displayed over the years and hit on 70 percent of his passes against the Bengals.

If his running game can develop and his defense can hold, those are the kinds of numbers he'll need to take down Manning -- or the Broncos' defense -- in the playoffs.

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