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Andrew Luck 'doesn't have any weaknesses,' Warren Moon says

While unnamed scouts have been coming out of the woodwork to criticize some of the 2012 NFL Draft's top prospects like Robert Griffin III and Matt Kalil, Hall of Fame quarterback Warren Moon has come out on the record with nothing but positive things to say about Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck.

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The Colts are getting a player that "doesn't have any weaknesses," Moon told CBS Sports. "None."

Last year, the Hall of Fame quarterback predicted that Cam Newton would shock the NFL. This year, he's picking Luck.

"What I mean is does he have that John Elway arm? No, but it's really close," Moon said. "Does he have that Mike Vick 4.4 speed? No, but he runs a 4.6. Is he going to be running over people every play like Tim Tebow? No, but he's just as tough. He does all those things and that makes him very dangerous."

The Colts"confirmed" Thursday that Andrew Luck will be taken as the No. 1 overall pick in the 2012 NFL Draft.

But Moon did note that Luck was going to a franchise with very little to offer the rookie quarterback.

"Andrew is going to a team that basically has nothing around him," Moon said, "while RG3 will go to a more talented franchise. It will take more time for Andrew to win than RG3 but both eventually are going to win a lot of games."

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