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Andre Johnson: I never made statements about pay cut

Andre Johnson said earlier this month that he wants to play in the NFL for 15 years, all with the Houston Texans. He recently told The Houston Chronicle he understands accomplishing that goal might mean a pay cut request from team brass.

"Nobody wants to hear that," said Johnson, when asked if he's willing to reduce his pay, per The Chronicle's Brian T. Smith. "But it's the nature of the business. I've seen it happen, heard it happen, had it happen to friends of mine. I understand that."

The 12-year pro wanting to remain in Houston was a reversal from his offseason desire to move on. But after less than a year with Bill O'Brien at the helm, on a plucky AFC team, Johnson wants to stick it out.

Johnson's uncle and longtime advisor, Andre Melton, said the wideout, set to make $10.5 million guaranteed in 2015 with a $16.1 salary-cap hit, would rework his contract if necessary.

"We understand it's a business and we're willing to deal with that," Melton said. "And Andre doesn't mind having a pay cut."

Of course, Johnson wanting to stay where he's made his retirement home and is active in the community is only part of the equation. The Texans must want him as well. It becomes especially difficult when significant amounts of money are involved.

"They're going to come in the offseason and say, 'Hey, Andre: This is what we need to do,'" Melton said. "If we can come to some type of common ground with everybody where everybody can be happy, then we'll work on that, that'll be fine. And if we can't, it will be sad to say. ... But we'll see who can give (us) a shot at a ring."

UPDATE: Not so fast on all the pay cut talk.

Johnson told reporters Friday that he and his uncle have yet to discuss his willingness to take a pay cut.

"I never made any statements about no pay cut or anything because nobody ever approached me about a pay cut," Johnson said, per, after being informed of his uncle's comments. "Like I said, I'll cross that bridge whenever it comes."

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