Andre Johnson: Dolphins never called this offseason

Indianapolis Colts wide receiver Andre Johnson might have been interested in playing for the Miami Dolphins in 2015.

The only problem is that the Dolphins never gave him a ring.

"I always had a dream of playing at home," Johnson recently told The Miami Herald. "I was a huge Dolphins fan. But they never called."

The Dolphins declined to comment when contacted by Around The NFL.

As the author points out, this might have been purely financial. The Dolphins absolutely needed to add a veteran option at wide receiver but opted for Greg Jennings, who came in about $5 million cheaper.

Still, when general managers talk about doing their due diligence, would it not have been worth the 10 seconds it took for executives in Miami to pick up the phone? Johnson is a Miami homer through and through and perhaps something could have worked itself out.

Johnson has the chance to make himself one of the most valuable free agent acquisitions of the offseason, assuming he can reach the starting line completely healthy in 2015.

With all the frustrations of Houston behind him, something tells us that this could be a special season for the All Pro. Miami had better hope not.

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