Andre Ellington gets a big boost on the big board

Now that the Combine is over, it feels like a perfect time to update the fantasy big board. No, you're not going to find Jameis Winston or Kevin White lurking anywhere around here. But there are a few names that are making their debut on this edition of the list.

First off, despite my best efforts, I couldn't convince my fellow League of Leagues members to abide by my big board when it came to drafting football players. I keep telling myself that Dave Dameshek making Le'Veon Bell the first NFL'er drafted had something to do with my influence, but instead I'm sure it was just his Steeler homerism coming to the surface. Anyway, I'll be occasionally updating you all on this epic two-year, three-sport, 14-team fantasy odyssey. Should be pretty awesome.

But back to the issue at hand ... while no one player took a major tumble down the list, there were a few big risers. Andre Ellington jumps 14 spots while both Randall Cobb and Latavius Murray get an eight-spot boost. Meanwhile three players -- Brandon Marshall, Joique Bell and Mark Ingram -- all fall out. Never fear, this thing is far from set in stone. Keep reading to see how it all shakes out.

Marcas Grant is a fantasy editor for Follow him on Twitter @MarcasG.

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