Amukamara: Coughlin would be great fit anywhere

Should the Jaguars hire Tom Coughlin, there is at least one player in the locker room who would welcome the move.

Cornerback Prince Amukamara spent his first five NFL seasons with Coughlin in New York. Now a member of the Jaguars on an expiring contract (Amukamara is a free agent in March), he said Coughlin would be a welcome fit for this collection of players. NFL Network Insider Ian Rapoport reported on Saturday that the team was interviewing Coughlin this week for its vacant head coaching position, but that Coughlin could also be considered for some type of "football czar" role.

"It would be a great fit, wherever he goes," Amukamara told "I think it's sexier here, because his family and Jay Fund foundation is down here. He's coached here. He's available and this job is available. It would complete the story."

He added: "I think guys would respond well to coach Coughlin, wherever he goes. Not only because of his track record with the two Super Bowls, but mainly because he gets the best out of his players and he fights for his players. You're getting a guy that loves his players, loves his team and will treat you like men. It's all about winning with him."

Coughlin will have some stiff competition for the job. As general manager Dave Caldwell said in a press conference last week, this is no longer a vacancy that requires him to cold call NFL coaches and beg them to interview. After relieving Gus Bradley of his duties last Sunday, he told reporters that he already fielded calls from potential candidates.

Coughlin's ties to the area and track record of success in Jacksonville make this one of the most interesting openings. With a laundry list of talented assistant coaches expected to interview for vacancies this winter, hiring someone like Coughlin would keep the likes of Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels, Lions defensive coordinator Teryl Austin and Falcons offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan (to name a few possible candidates) open for other jobs. Coughlin's market is slim given his age and preference to coach somewhere near his family. He currently has home bases in Jacksonville and New Jersey.

It would probably bode well for Amukamara. Even though he's a free agent in 2017, Coughlin has always used players familiar with his style as a tool to rally the locker room. Could the duo be getting back together again?

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