America's Team: Week 2 fantasy dilemmas

Well America, we put up a heck of an effort in our Week 1 matchup, but Michael Fabiano's team eked out the win by a margin of 4.48 points. The final score was America's Team: 86.46, Fabiano's team: 90.94. Ben Tate's injury really hurt us and the fact that our second round pick, Dez Bryant, only managed 5.5 points made matters worse. We caught a nice break when Fabs' tight end Jordan Reed left with an injury and his big receiver, Demaryius Thomas, only put up 4.8 total points on Sunday night, but it just wasn't enough for America to beat him.

Onward to Week 2 decisions! We take on NFL Fantasy LIVE host James Koh this week. His roster includes Tom Brady, Giovani Bernard, Doug Martin, Michael Floyd, DeAndre Hopkins, Julius Thomas and Darren Sproles. He managed to put up 101.76 points last week in a win over fellow NFL Fantasy LIVE host Molly Qerim.

Here is where you come in, America. We have a couple tough matchups to deal with. First of all, Ryan Mathews faces the Seattle Seahawks, and we all know how successful running backs are against that unit -- not successful at all. So should we bench him? If so, who do we start in his place? Another issue to deal with is that our flex running back Ben Tate will be out for a few weeks with a knee injury. We started him the flex spot in Week 1, so we'll need to decide who to slot in there instead.

On the waiver-wire front this week, America voted to target Justin Forsett first, but unfortunately, Matt "Money" Smith was ahead of us on waiver order and rostered the Ravens' running back. Our next option was Chris Ivory of the Jets, and we managed to scoop him up. Not too shabby considering he had 102 rushing yards and a touchdown in Week 1. We dropped Bengals' rookie Jeremy Hill to make room.

So there are some vital decisions to be made this week, especially at the running back position. The questions are posted, and all we need is for you, America, to weigh in on your thoughts for Week 2.

Chime in on all of the polls, select who to start, or answer open-ended questions below and be sure to check in for even more on America's Team right HERE all season long!

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