America's Team: Still fighting for a playoff spot

America, we're still in this thing! After a 113.28-104.50 victory over Akbar Gbajabiamila's team in Week 10 America's Team is now 4-6 and we still have a shot at a playoff wildcard spot with three weeks left to play of the regular season. Here's how it went down in Week 10, it was actually pretty close.

Our running back duo of Steven Jackson and Denard Robinson combined for three rushing touchdowns and 165 total yards and dropped 15.50 and 17.00 fantasy points respectively. Russell Wilson's huge day hooked up America's Team with 19.58 fantasy points and of course Dez Bryant was our highest scorer of the day with 27.80 fantasy points. Luckily, were able to escape with a couple of duds from Mohamed Sanu (2.00) and Larry Donnell (2.60).

Akbar's team put up a fight with Martavis Bryant (20.30), Justin Forsett (23.20) and Frank Gore (14.30) but it wasn't enough to catch America's Team. If Akbar had started Matthew Stafford and Odell Beckham Jr. over Colin Kaepernick and A.J. Green (nobody in their right mind would do that) he would have defeated America's Team. Whew!

Next up is a rematch against NFL Fantasy LIVE host James Koh who beat America's Team in Week 2. Unfortunately for Koh, he lost Carson Palmer last week so it looks like he may roll with Ryan Tannehill at quarterback in Week 11. Two of his running backs, Andre Ellington and Giovani Bernard are a bit banged up so we'll see if he is able to use them against us.

America's Team really needed a running back with both Chris Ivory and Denard Robinson on a bye this week and were able to pick up C.J. Anderson off the waiver wire. But do we start him over Reggie Bush, and Pierre Thomas if he's healthy? That's up to America to decide. Plus we'll need to pick up a defense to start in Week 11 since the Cowboys are on a bye and they were really a one-week streaming option against the Jaguars. So that decision is also up to America. Everything is riding on a win this week, so these decisions are more imporant than ever!

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