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America's Team: Need a Plan B for Rob Gronkowski

The Experts League draft has come and gone and guess what, America? You came out of it looking pretty good.


You're missing a backup quarterback, but that's not really a reason to worry. Especially with Aaron Rodgers calling the shots at the top of your roster. However, if there's a concern, it's the questionable situation at the tight end spot. Once Rob Gronkowski is back and ready to go, you're sitting pretty. But who knows exactly when that will be. That leads us to your first bit of decision-making.

Choose wisely, because you have a tough challenge out of the gate. You're facing off against Michael Fabiano's Social Assassins. Here's your chance to find out if the students have now become the mastsers. Are the Padawans ready to become full-fledged Jedi?

We eagerly await your response.

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