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America's Team: Marcas Grant crushes playoff dreams

America's Team had a shot at the playoffs in the NFL Fantasy LIVE league, but in order to get in we faced a must-win situation in Week 13 against Marcas Grant.

Riding high on a big Week 12 win, America's Team was confident, poised and ready to strike, but a playoff berth was simply not in the cards this season. In fact, Grant's team made us look foolish outscoring us by about 30 points.

Well that's what happens when Andrew Luck (32.80 -- okay, that's somewhat expected), Antonio Brown (23.70 -- two garbage time touchdowns) and Keenan Allen (24.10 -- REALLY? Of all weeks Allen decides to produce it had to be against America's Team!?) blow up in the same week.

America's Team was stacked with studs but they just didn't show up. Denard Robinson, Dez Bryant, Larry Donnell and Mohamed Sanu all scored in the single digits, and it just wasn't enough against Grant's league high score for the final week of the regular season.

That's right. In a must-win matchup, America's Team ends up facing the league's highest-scoring team of the week. Sound familiar?


America's Team now has a consolation bracket bye in Week 14 and since we're not able to make any more waiver wire pickups, things get pretty depressing from here on out. But we aren't giving up. America's Team will win the consolation bracket, and we need your help!

You can help out America's Team by voting on who we should start and sit in the consolation bracket right HERE, or by voting below.

You can scroll within the box below to see more America's Team details and vote on polls to help America's Team top the consolation bracket.

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