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America's Team: Help determine our Week 4 QB

So America, do you want the good news first or the bad news first? Let's start with the good.

Good news:

We did it! We notched our first win of the season against Dave Dameshek's team. Peyton Manning, Reggie Bush, Dez Bryant, and the Bengals defense led us to victory. Our one weak spot was Sammy Watkins, who we started in our flex, but it's alright because we got the much-needed win. Dameshek was let down by Brandin Cooks, Jordan Cameron and Andre Johnson. Sounds like his problem and not America's! Was that too harsh?

Something we can't ignore here are the points we left on our bench. Pierre Garcon, exploded with 19.80 points. Garcon might be more valuable with Kirk Cousins under center for Washington instead of RGIII, so we should keep that in mind. Hakeem Nicks, got 11.00 points benefiting from Andrew Luck's big day and Pierre Thomas notched 11.10 and scored his first rushing touchdown of the season in Mark Ingram's absence. We left three touchdowns on our bench, so even though we came away with the win this week, we might have some tough start/sit decisions going forward. It's all about that depth, boss! Moving on ... below are our full Week 3 results:

Bad news:

Unfortunately for the third week in a row we did not escape unscathed. Our starting tight end, Dennis Pitta, suffered a hip injury and is out for the rest of the season. We can't seem to stay healthy this year! First it was Ben Tate (who we dropped), then Ryan Mathews, and now Pitta.

America voted and decided to claim Niles Paul on waivers, so he will be our starting tight end for Week 4. Plus, we had to pick up a defense this week since the Bengals are on a bye, so we were able to snag the San Diego Chargers defensive unit on waivers as well. They have a great matchup versus Jacksonville this week so we're looking good there.

Week 4 decisions:

Our most important decision of the week will be which quarterback to pick up since Peyton Manning is on a bye. Unfortunately, we were targeting Ben Roethlisberger on the waiver-wire, but Michael Fabiano beat us to the punch since the results were in favor of prioritizing a tight end late night on Tuesday. We will have to comb free agency to see who's left before Sunday rolls around. This one is completely up to America. We will narrow it down to the quarterbacks with the most votes on Friday night, and post another poll with the most voted for players so we can make a decision on Saturday night. On the bright side, we only need the quarterback for one week, but the tight end choice is more of a long term solution.

We face a tough matchup in Week 4 against fantasy editor and Fantasy LIVE expert Marcas Grant, who so far is undefeated. He has Andrew Luck, Matt Forte, Antonio Brown and Martellus Bennett staring us down.

You can help out America's Team by voting on who we should add, drop, start and sit in Week 4 and beyond right HERE, or by voting below.

You can scroll within the box below to see view and vote on Week 4 polls

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