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America's Team: A heavyweight battle

All right America. We had a bye last week in the consolation bracket of the NFL Fantasy LIVE league, but we're back to take on Dave Dameshek's team. We have a few important roster decisions to make like which defense to start and who to start in our flex. You can vote on both below.

But since we can't make any waiver wire pickups (those are reserved for the teams who are actually in the playoffs) our options are limited. So instead of going on about America's Team this week, let's take a look at what's happening in the championship matchup of the NFL Fantasy LIVE league.

It's down to two heavyweights, fantasy guru Michael Fabiano and NFL Fantasy LIVE host Matt "Money" Smith. Both of their teams are completely stacked as you would expect championship teams to be.

Fabs is hoping for a rebound from Peyton Manning (who he got in a trade with America's Team a few weeks back). He's also hoping that DeMarco Murray will be OK to play after undergoing hand surgery this week. His status is still up in the air so that's something worth watching. Fabs also has T.Y. Hilton, Alshon Jeffery and Julio Jones at receiver. A very formidable lineup indeed.

Money's team is no underdog here. He's got a ridiculous Calvin Johnson/Jordy Nelson combo at wideout plus Kelvin Benjamin in his flex. His running backs include Mark Ingram in a dream matchup against Atlanta and Eddie Lacy who has been steamrolling defenses in recent weeks. Plus, he boasts Drew Brees as his quarterback.

Money is actually the favorite by less than a full fantasy point with Fabs projected at 134.23 and Money at 135.02. If Murray can't go for Fabs, he'll be in rough shape at RB1 and will have to roll out either Andre Williams or Rashad Jennings.

May the best team win in this showdown of fantasy gurus!

You can help out America's Team by voting on who we start and sit in Week 16 right HERE, or by voting below.

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