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Alvin Kamara deserves to be in the 'Madden' 99 club

Alvin Kamara is pretty good. And he's been kind of lost in the shuffle recently. Mostly because Todd Gurley and the Los Angeles Rams are absolutely crushing it right now. But we should not overlook what Kamara has done this season. Seriously, he's one of a handful of guys to have five rushing touchdowns and five receiving touchdowns as a rookie. Something that hasn't happened since Gale Sayers. GALE SAYERS. (BTW, he hasn't been a MUT Legend for some time now, let's get on that?)

So, I'm saying Kamara is pretty good. And if I was playing a classic version of Madden where you use an entire team, I would be using the Saints a lot because of Kamara. And having Mark Ingram in there, too, also helps. Ingram cleans up a lot of the dirty-work between the tackles, which allows Kamara to get out there and do his thing.

And Kamara has been great this season (already upgraded from "good" that I opened with) but I was really impressed with him on one particular play in Week 16. The Saints had him run a back-shoulder throw. And he ran it perfectly. I know some of us get jaded by video games that do things that sometimes humans don't normally do. But it's pretty incredible to see any running back, particularly a rookie, execute such a move. This guy does it all. And I would say that if he's not a member of the 99 Club (and I seem to have the easiest of standards than everyone), his invitation should be coming in the mail.

Here are some other players I'm stumping for to get a boost to their Madden rating:

Let's stick with the Saints. The Saints have the most balanced offense in the NFL. New Orleans is the only team with both a top-five passing offense and top-five rushing offense. The Saints also are the only team in the league with 20 touchdown passes (22) and 20 rush touchdowns (22) this season. It's funny because some feel Drew Brees is having a down year. Well, the fantasy dorks think he's having a down season. And that's right, I've referred to the fantasy community as dorks. I'm a part of your world now! (All right, I'm a part of both.)

Russell Wilson accounted for all but one of the Seahawks' offensive touchdowns this season. Which seems pretty incredible. He's like the NFL version of Hugh Jackman. He does it all. Sings, dances, et all.

Dion Lewis has been a great find for the Patriots this season. He was given a chance to shine with Rex Burkhead out of the mix last week against Buffalo. And sure, Mike Gillislee was there to snake a touchdown from him. But that's only because I wasn't on the sticks. Because if I had been, I would have given it to Lewis. Actually, if it really was me, I would have played with injuries off and then I would have been using Burkhead. But this moment is for Lewis, who has been a beast over the last few weeks.

All right, have a great New Year. Don't be shy about hitting the B button.

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