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Allen Hurns defends criticism of play-call on INT

Allen Hurns isn't shying away from a critical comment made following the Dallas Cowboys' overtime loss to the Houston Texans.

Hurns reportedly told ESPN's Josina Anderson that the play-call on Dak Prescott's second interception -- deep curls on a third-and-8 -- "is the worst play-call that you would make."

Speaking with the press Wednesday, the first-year Cowboys receiver doubled down on his concerns over offensive coordinator Scott Linehan's decision.

"I didn't question," Hurns said, per ESPN. "Everyone knows that's not a good play-call versus two-man. So what's unfortunate for us is that was their only snap in two-man."

While Hurns said he has not received blowback from the coaching staff about his issue with the call, he told NFL Network's Jane Slater that, if he does have concerns, he can communicate them to wide receivers coach Sanjay Lal. Then it's up to Lal to communicate those issues to Linehan, and so on and so forth.

Hurns also made it clear he was not blaming Prescott for the result. He told Slater he didn't know if Prescott had the opportunity or authority to check out of the call.

The receiver's comments are the latest to crop up about the production or lack thereof from Dallas' passing offense. Former No. 1 Cowboys receiver Dez Bryant memorably called out Dallas' offensive coaching staff and "Garrett guys" on his way out the door following his release in April.

The Cowboys rank 30th in the league in passing yards per game (172) and points per game (16.6), ahead of only the Cardinals and Bills, two teams led by rookie quarterbacks.

Hurns' issue with that one play-call could be a manifestation of his general frustration with his production this season. The former Jaguars receiver, who came to Dallas this offseason on a two-year deal, is averaging a career-low yards per reception (10.5) and is on pace for a career-low in receptions (25.6).

Whatever his issues with the play-calling in Dallas are, Hurns said he remains committed to improving what he can control.

"I feel like it goes well sometimes," Hurns said, per ESPN. "Of course, from a receiver standpoint you want more opportunities, but you can't control that. As far as for us, you always say control what we can, but as far as some plays, we all have to do a good job of just executing and sometimes it's where we're not put in the best positions. But that's part of football."

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