All Kickoff Weekend games sold out for fourth year in a row

For the fourth consecutive year, all 16 games of the NFL's Kickoff Weekend have sold out in advance of the local TV blackout deadline, enabling every game to be televised in the home-team market, the NFL announced today.

The Washington at New York Giants game on Thursday night (September 4) was sold out and televised by NBC's New York affiliate WNBC-TV.

This will be the fifth Kickoff Weekend in NFL history to have blackouts lifted for all games. They were lifted on the weekends of September 6-7 in 1998; September 8, 11-12 in 2005; September 7, 10-11 in 2006; and September 6, 9-10 last year.

The NFL blackout policy states that games sold out 72 hours prior to kickoff can be televised in the home city.

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