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Alex Smith's agent says QB will remain in demand

NFL agent Tom Condon doesn't speak much publicly, but when he does, it usually comes with interesting insight.

This week, one of the most powerful agents in football spoke to "The Fuzzcast" with Ben Kremer and Pete Sweeney (#Fuzzcast) and was asked about one of his clients, Alex Smith. The Kansas City Chiefs traded a future first-round pick for the right to draft quarterback Patrick Mahomes, who could take Smith's job eventually. Condon doesn't sound worried his 33-year-old client would be hard-pressed to find work if the Chiefs move on with Mahomes.

Sweeney asked Condon if he gave any advice to Smith after the Chiefs made their move for Mahomes.

"Alex Smith? I don't have to give him any advice," Condon said, via "He knows exactly what to do, and he's been in some really tough situations before, and he's as tough as an old boot. And so he knows just what he's got to do, and he'll play really well, and for the team, they're hoping that Pat is going to be their future, but Alex is the present, and as good a football player as he is, he's going to have opportunities whether it's in Kansas City or someplace else."

First off, describing Smith as "tough as an old boot" is about as perfect as perfect can get. If you've ever had a pair of good old boots, you understand the sentiment. You probably should get a new pair -- your significant other keeps telling you to get a new pair -- but you're fairly certain nothing you buy will be better than the ones you have, so why change? Alex Smith is that sturdy, un-fancy old boot you just can't quit.

Now the Chiefs have a pair of shiny new boots waiting in the closet to bust out. Coach Andy Reid doesn't plan to break them in this season, but they are there, waiting.

With the dearth of solid quarterbacks hitting the market every year, Smith won't be without work whenever the Chiefs move on -- Smith's contract is up after 2018, but K.C. could cut bait next year and save $17 million on the salary cap. Condon knows Smith will find work. Heck, there will probably even be a bidding war. Tough old boots never go out of style.

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