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Albert Haynesworth offers advice to Ndamukong Suh

Albert Haynesworth is here to ease your concerns about signing Ndamukong Suh to a massive contract.

Don't worry, it won't be like that time Washington inked me to a seven-year, $100 million deal.

That's not exactly what he said, but close enough.

"I think honestly the difference between me and him is, I didn't want to leave the Titans," Haynesworth said Wednedsay on WPRT-FM in Nashville. "I wanted to stay because I was very close with (Titans defensive line coach Jim Washburn) and it was just fun. To play for him and to have the guys that I played with.

"The Titans really, upper management, really just forced the hand of me moving. I think with Suh, I don't think he really wants to stay, and I don't think the Lions really want to keep him either."

While there's a chance Haynesworth is right about the second part, there's no question his contract looms large when it comes to the future Suh deal even though the pair are completely different.

His advice for Suh was fairly standard. Haynesworth claims he was lied to about the defense he'd be playing, and suggested that Suh know exactly what he's getting himself into.

Oh, and most importantly, don't allow yourself to lose the love you had for the game.

"Well, I mean, it wasn't fun," Haynesworth said Wednesday. "To be honest, after like a year or so of doing that, I mean, it really just got old. It was not, not fun. At Washington, it took my love away from the game. When I was with the Titans we loved the game. We loved, as a D-line, to go out and just destroy an offense.

"We didn't win all the time or whatever, but just to know that we really caused problems for other offenses and that we played extremely hard. ... And then, when I went to Washington, it almost became like politics. Almost. It wasn't 100 percent about football."

The best part about the interview, as pointed out by The Washington Post, is that Haynesworth called into the program during a Snowmobiling trip in New Hampshire. At 33, there's a conceivable chance he could still be playing if things went differently and he talked about lamenting that fact every day.

Whichever team signs Suh hopes that he'll still be pressuring the quarterback at that age, and not vacationing in New Hampshire.

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