Aikman: 'Talk to me' when Mahomes wins a Super Bowl

Troy Aikman doesn't tweet often. But when he does ...

The Hall of Fame quarterback and FOX analyst will often take on a different, more direct tone on the interwebs than what we've grown accustomed to over nearly two decades calling football games. That saucy side came out Monday evening when it was brought to his attention that Patrick Mahomes (60) has thrown more than a third of the career touchdowns of Aikman (165) despite playing in less than 10 percent of his games (165-20).

That prompted Aikman to clap back.

"ICYMI: Talk to me when when he has 33% of my Super Bowl Titles."

It was a surprising shot at the reigning league MVP, especially considering Mahomes is an innocent bystander in the matter. While the former Cowboys great and three-time Super Bowl champion undoubtedly has the jewelry -- and had the benefit of playing on loaded Dallas teams in the '90s -- Mahomes already has some hardware Aikman never collected over his 12-year career.

The Chiefs sensation has the aforementioned league MVP, was selected first-team All-Pro, won NFL Offensive Player of the Year honors and led the league in passing touchdowns. Of course, he's also been a starter for just one season. Through three games in 2019, his encore is on pace to be even greater.

Mahomes has already thrown for 1,195 yards and 10 touchdowns without an interception. Most importantly, as Aikman would surely appreciate, the Chiefs are unbeaten. After leading Kansas City to the AFC's top seed last year and the conference championship round, Mahomes has his team positioned for another deep playoff run. But until he wins one particular game in February, Aikman's point stands. Even if it lacks context.

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