Troy Aikman: Mike McCarthy was 'best hire' Cowboys could make 

On a starry Sunday night in Los Angeles, Mike McCarthy will take the field as the ninth head coach in Dallas Cowboys lore.

Just the second Dallas head-coaching hire with a Super Bowl title already on his resume, McCarthy brings winning experience. And he's the best man for the job according to one of the franchise's favorite sons.

"I think it's the best hire the Cowboys could have made," Aikman told the New York Post's Steve Serby.

McCarthy is settling in to take on another storied NFL franchise, but the Cowboys have plenty of differences from the Packers.

Those differences are among the reasons Aikman was surprised the McCarthy-Cowboys union – great as he believes it is – happened.

"I didn't think that hire would take place," Aikman said. "I didn't know if McCarthy would find it to be a good fit. Think about it, he goes from Green Bay, where there is no owner — or at least they're publicly owned — to then the Cowboys, where the owner's more visible than any other owner in sports. So that's a big jump, if you're kinda used to being the face of the organization – – you can argue it's Aaron Rodgers — but Mike McCarthy had autonomy in what his messaging was to the team, and when you get accustomed to that for 13 years, to then coming to Dallas, it's different. I wasn't sure that Mike would view it as a great fit for him, and I didn't know if the Cowboys would feel that Mike was a great fit for them."

But it came to be.

McCarthy is leading one of the most high-profile franchises in the world of sports and one of the most star-studded rosters in the NFL.

He previously coached Aaron Rodgers and the Packers to the Super Bowl. That's the hope for the Cowboys and Aikman believes his former team found the right guy to carry that out.

"The beneficiary is going to be the Cowboys, but second to that, I think Mike's gonna be great for Dak Prescott," Aikman said.

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