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Aikman: Ex-Cowboys coach Johnson is Ring of Honor-worthy

Former Cowboys quarterback Troy Aikman told *The Dallas Morning News* on Saturday that his old coach, Jimmy Johnson, should be included in the team's Ring of Honor.

"If I'm in it, if Michael Irvin is in it, if Emmitt Smith is in it, Jimmy should be there," said Aikman, who will announce Sunday's Super Bowl at Cowboys Stadium for FOX. "You can't tell my story or the others' stories without Jimmy."

Aikman told the newspaper he's not trying to pressure Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, saying, "I know Jimmy's day will come."

The Cowboys' Ring of Honor -- which honors former players, coaches and personnel -- began with the induction of defensive tackle Bob Lilly in 1975. Aikman, Irvin and Smith are among 17 Ring of Honor inductees.

The only coach among the inductees is Tom Landry.

Johnson, now an analyst for FOX Sports and HBO Sports, coached the Cowboys from 1989 to 1993. He was 44-36 in the regular season and 7-1 in the postseason with the Cowboys.

Johnson led the team to Super Bowl victories following the 1992 and 1993 seasons. He left the team following the 1993 season, partly because of clashes with Jones.

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