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Agents reportedly want big contract for Kolb as part of trade

The asking price to acquire Kevin Kolb -- presumed to be at least a first-round draft pick -- appears to be on the rise.

ESPN Radio Twin Cities cited league sources Thursday in reporting that Kolb's agents plan to demand a multiyear deal from any team trying to trade for the Philadelphia Eagles' backup quarterback.

One league source called the price tag "significant enough to make me nervous," based on Kolb's limited track record -- just seven starts in four NFL seasons.

Carucci: Kolb's demands not off base

If a team is willing to trade

a first-round draft pick

-- and possibly more -- for Kevin Kolb, they shouldn't be surprised that he'll want a new deal, Vic Carucci writes. **More...**

"There's no way I pay him like a proven guy," one AFC team executive told the radio station. "If you give up a (first-round pick), that's your guy. You're going to ride with him, so you're going to pay him. But you've still got to make sure that the finances are such that it's based on what he's proven. Whether you're dealing with the agent or not, he has to understand I'm paying part of the price in draft picks."

Kolb is under contract with the Eagles through the 2011 season, but he has said he wants to be a starting quarterback. That likely won't happen in Philadelphia after Michael Vick's re-emergence, which put Kolb on the bench just months after he signed a one-year, $12.26 million extension that included a $10.7 million signing bonus.

Kolb's 2011 base salary is scheduled to be $1.392 million.

One NFL source familiar with Kolb's situation said: "You can't trade for the guy without working out a contract extension. He's not going to play for what he's making right now in the last year of his contract."

Eagles coach Andy Reid said last month that other NFL teams already had expressed interest in Kolb, but trades for players now can't happen until a new collective bargaining agreement is reached. And even though the Eagles are set with Vick, Reid has made it clear he values Kolb, who threw for 1,197 yards and seven touchdowns with seven interceptions in seven games last season.

"(Kolb's) a solid prospect," one AFC personnel man told ESPN Radio Twin Cities, "but man, watching the tape, I'm trying to see where the guy's worth a No. 1 selection."

Kolb isn't the only Eagles quarterback to generate trade inquiries. The *Philadelphia Inquirer* cited a league source Sunday in reporting that teams have floated offers for third-stringer Mike Kafka.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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