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Agent wants Vikes to show Adrian Peterson the money

With the first round of the NFL draft over and Adrian Peterson still in Minnesota, the running back's agent, Ben Dogra, is swiftly changing gears.

After months of insisting that it was best for Peterson to be traded from the Vikings, Dogra told USA Today's Tom Pelissero he understands his client will remain in Minnesota, but didn't give up the fight for Peterson to get something in return.

"One of the things that I appreciate with the Vikings is their resolve to say 'we're not trading him,'" Dogra told Pelissero. "That tells me they value him not only as a football player, but what he's done for the organization.

"I actually, as an agent, not only appreciate it -- I accept it. But actions speak louder than words. If that's going to happen, and you want to keep him, then show him a commitment to make him retire as a Viking. And I haven't had that solution."

Dogra's public strategy is clearly moving from "trade him" to "pay him."

With all the leverage, it remains to be seen whether the Vikings will decide to extend an olive branch to pacify their best player.

Peterson has been absent from the Vikings' voluntary workouts -- the norm for the running back -- and Dogra declined to say if his client would attend May OTAs.

"That's Adrian's decision," Dogra said. "He's a grown man. He's got strong principles. He's endured a lot. It's when he feels that true commitment. Adrian's a very passionate person, very transparent. It's when he feels it's right."

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