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Agent says he has settlement with Bills CB McGee in lawsuit

BUFFALO, N.Y. -- Agent Terry Bolar told The Associated Press on Wednesday that he has reached a settlement with Buffalo Bills cornerback Terrence McGee in a lawsuit in which the player alleged he was bilked out of more than $1 million.

Bolar maintained he did nothing wrong, though he couldn't discuss any details of the deal with his former client because of a confidentiality agreement. Bolar was able to say that as part of the settlement, he has dropped a lawsuit against McGee in which he accused the player of defamation of character.

"I'm happy that it's over and ready to move (on) in my life," said Bolar, who said he received a letter confirming the settlement on May 18. "I wish him and his family the best, and am thankful for my family to have supported me."

A message left with McGee's attorney, Susan Halpern, wasn't immediately returned.

In a lawsuit filed in Harris County District Court in Texas in February 2007, the player accused financial adviser Craig Curry of funneling McGee's money into unauthorized and possibly nonexistent investments. The money transfers were made shortly after McGee signed a contract extension with the Bills in a deal that included a $5 million bonus.

Bolar and current Seattle Seahawks defensive backs coach Jerry Gray were named in the suit and accused of conspiring in the scheme and having the opportunity to benefit from it by introducing McGee to Curry. Gray had been the Bills' defensive coordinator at the time.

McGee argued that Bolar and Gray should have warned him that Curry wasn't licensed to represent NFL players because they were aware of Curry's past criminal record.

Curry was convicted in 1996 of defrauding former NFL player John Copeland by using his credit line to transfer money to buy a car for Florida State football player Corey Sawyer. The NFLPA requires financial advisers to be licensed by the union and bars convicted felons from representing players.

It's unclear whether Curry and Gray also have reached a settlement with McGee.

Bolar described the lawsuit as "a headache that in the end has made me a better person."

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