AFC exec: Browns QB McCoy not built to succeed in AFC North

The recent controversy surrounding the Browns' handling of Colt McCoy's concussion has dominated so much of the public discourse surrounding the team that it's overshadowed perhaps a larger issue regarding the second-year quarterback: Does McCoy have what it takes to lead the Browns out of the cellar and into contention in the AFC North?

One AFC executive, whose team plays the Browns on occasion, doesn't think so.

In an interview with The Plain Dealer, the executive outlined the reasons why he doesn't think McCoy has what it takes to be the Cleveland's franchise quarterback. One of the main arguments centers on the Browns' division.

"Here's the problem -- you play six games against those teams [Pittsburgh, Baltimore and Cincinnati], often in bad weather," the executive said this week. "I think you need a quarterback who is physically big with a strong arm."

The reporter then asked the executive if he liked McCoy, who has 14 touchdowns to 11 interceptions this season.

"Not in that division," he responded. "I'm not saying it's easy to find one. Think of all the quarterbacks that Baltimore went through before Flacco -- Kyle] Boller, [Trent] Dilfer, [Tony] Banks, [Steve] McNair, [Elvis] Grbac ... I'm sure I'm forgetting some guys. Ben [Roethlisberger] put Pittsburgh on the map for the [Super Bowl. Andy] Dalton can play. Our coaches think Seneca [Wallace] is tougher to defend [than McCoy] because he's more mobile, but he's a backup. For years, the [Browns have had a terrible offense and a quarterback problem. They usually go together."

The Browns have two first-round picks in the 2012 draft, but the executive said they shouldn't take a quarterback just for the sake of taking one. If the right player isn't available, he said, they should look to land impact players at other positions.

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