Adrian Peterson calls 'BS' on players who don't like leg pads

While discussing the new leg pads rule with NFL Evolution earlier this month, NFL vice president of football operations Merton Hanks said what's good for last year's MVP is good for the rest of the players.

"When the MVP of the league in Adrian Peterson wears thigh and knee pads -- especially considering the horrific injury that he had and then he challenged Eric Dickerson's rushing record -- it just doesn't stand up," Hanks said. "We're excited about making sure that everyone is protected and move on from there."

Peterson will not quibble with Hanks' example. Peterson told Fox Sports that he has heard the rumblings about the new leg pads rule and still believes it will not hinder players.

As Hanks said during the interview, players will be fined for not wearing the pads. More importantly, they will not be allowed on the field unless they are wearing proper padding.

In fact, the uniform inspectors have been empowered to tell the referee if a player is not eligible because his leg and thigh pads are missing. Hanks said it is akin to players trying to take the field without a helmet or shoulder pads.

-- Bill Bradley, contributing editor

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