Adrian Peterson adds to Minnesota Vikings' long worry list

I was stunned when I heard about Adrian Peterson's Saturday morning arrest. I don't know Peterson very well but I do remember how highly he was regarded during the evaluation process before the Minnesota Vikings selected him with the seventh pick of the 2007 draft.

The coaching staff at Oklahoma raved about him, and he passed the interview process with flying colors in the run-up to the draft. Sources inside the Vikings organization have always been incredibly positive when I've asked about Peterson in the past. He's always described as classy, respectful and professional. While all the details of his arrest have yet to come to light, what we have heard definitely seems out of character for the Vikings' star runner.

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Is Adrian Peterson at risk of facing any disciplinary action from NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell? That is a question that is surely going to be asked in the coming days as this story continues to unfold. That isn't the only answer sought by the Vikings and their fans as we head toward the start of training camp. Here are five more:

1. Will Peterson's surgically repaired knee be ready for the start of the season?

2. Is Christian Ponder the long-term answer at quarterback?

3. Is Percy Harvin's public pleading for a new deal going to be a major distraction in 2012?

4. Is Leslie Frazier the right man to lead this team?

5. Is this roster talented enough to compete in the stacked NFC North?

Every NFL team faces a few pressing questions prior to each season, but I can't recall a team with as many questions surrounding key personnel as the 2012 Minnesota Vikings.

Prior to May, there wasn't even any certainty about where the Vikings would be located. At least that's one question that no longer needs to be asked. The Vikings finally secured a stadium deal that will keep the team in Minnesota for the foreseeable future. That news created a lot of excitement around the organization. Unfortunately, that positive energy will be diluted if key players like Harvin and Peterson keep showing up in the news for contract squabbles and off-the-field incidents.

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