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Adam Vinatieri says he never was considering retiring

Turns out reports of the death of Adam Vinatieri's career were exaggerated.

Following a second straight week of struggle to start his 24th season, Vinatieri found retirement rumors begin to swirl.

The NFL's all-time leading scorer is preparing for Week 3, however, and talks of retirement were apparently unfounded.

"None of us should assume stuff," Vinatieri told a group of reporters on Tuesday, indicating retirement was never on his mind, per the IndyStar's Jim Ayello.

Though the Colts prevailed, 19-17, against the Titans on Sunday afternoon, Vinatieri, arguably the the greatest kicker of all-time, missed a pair of extra points. It was on the heels of a Week 1 showing in which he missed another PAT and two field goals, the first time in his career in which Vinatieri failed on multiple field goals and an extra point in the same contest. Through two games, he is 1-of-3 on field goals and a woeful 1-of-5 on extra points.

A little time of reflection and resting of his mind was all the kicker needed, he contended.

"Sometimes we all need a little time to decompress and think about stuff," he said. "Little time to clear my mind."

Vinatieri's aim for an opportunity to clear his head was apparently at the root of the speculation that followed Sunday's struggles.

"I want some time to clear my mind," he said. "All the nasty, crazy rumors then got out there."

Though the four-time Super Bowl champion has ended retirement speculation, putting an end to his struggles on the field will continue until he starts converting as he's accustomed to.

The first chance to do so will be Sunday in Indy, when the Colts host the Falcons.

"I'm going to go back and keep working," he said. "I'm always my worst critic. Time for me to get out there and help my team win games."

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