Adam or Pacman? Even Owens isn't sure

OXNARD, Calif. -- What started as a simple question turned into a "Who's On First"-type of exchange between Terrell Owens and a television reporter.

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Midway through one of Owens' interviews this week, a reporter from a Spanish television network wanted to know by which name T.O. refers to Adam "Pacman" Jones, the new Cowboys cornerback.

The still-suspended Jones said in June that he preferred to be called "Adam or Mr. Jones" instead of going by his nickname. But since getting to camp, he has seemed to embrace the nickname again. His teammates, coaches and fans call him "Pacman," and that's how he signs his autograph.

Here's the exchange between the reporter and T.O.:

Reporter: "Do you call Pacman Pacman?"

T.O.: "What's that?"

Reporter: "Pacman."

T.O.: "Who?"

Reporter: "Adam."

T.O.: "What about it?"

Reporter: "I thought he didn't like to be called Pacman anymore. You said Pacman, Pacman Jones."

T.O.: "What about it?"

Reporter: "I thought he didn't want to be called Pacman anymore."

T.O.: "Did somebody call him Pacman?"

Reporter: "You did, man."

T.O.: "Dude, I don't care."

Reporter: "OK."

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