Adam Gase wants DeVante Parker to show up on time

INDIANAPOLIS -- Dolphins head coach Adam Gase's blunt style took center stage this week at the NFL Scouting Combine.

After a year of honing his personal style, Gase is establishing himself as a hybrid between some of his previous mentors like Nick Saban and John Fox. This was abundantly clear when he was asked about former first-round pick DeVante Parker.

"I think just consistency," Gase said. "That day in, day out. Coming in the office at the right time, making sure that you're doing every little detail right. It's one of those things that some of us that have been around some really good players take for granted. He's just got to understand everything he does is important. It's a trust level with everyone in the building. If you tell someone you're going to be there at 11 o'clock to lift, be there.

"Don't call in and 'Hey, 'I'm not going to show up today.' He's done a good job at the end of the season and what he's been doing it sounds like so far is he's doing good with just staying with his regimen. And that's how he had some success last year. He had three really good weeks in practice and everything he did during the day in meetings and that's why he was able to have good games. That's what we need from him, we just need that consistency."

Gase won 10 games last year and produced a quality offense while getting 56 catches for 744 yards and four touchdowns out of Parker who, based on pre-draft evaluations, is capable of far better. Imagining a scenario where Parker and the previously over-worked Jarvis Landry somehow peak together and move this scheme into another stratosphere has been catnip for Dolphins fans since Gase's arrival. Based on Gase's message this week, he's doing whatever he can to make that happen.

Gase succeeded in establishing himself as a no-nonsense coach despite being younger than 40 years old and having never held the position before. That is not easy to do in a media landscape where everyone is willing and able to poke holes in the often crafted facade of a first-time head coach. Now, he's putting that personality to work.

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