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Aaron Rodgers shares his post-'Jeopardy' bucket list

Now that Aaron Rodgers has whipped the competition in Celebrity Jeopardy!, what's next for the Packers star?

Rodgers called his game show experience "a bucket list deal for me." ESPN Milwaukee had the good sense to ask Rodgers what else was on that bucket list. Some of his answers may surprise you.

1. Host Saturday Night Live: Rodgers is a longtime fan of the venerable comedy show and said the itch to appear on Celebrity Jeopardy! came from SNL's classic Will Ferrell-era Celebrity Jeopardy! sketches. In fact, Rodgers kicked himself for not using "Turd Ferguson" as his Final Jeopardy answer -- a nod to Norm McDonald's Burt Reynolds character.

How possible? Very. Frankly, we're surprised this hasn't happened yet. Rodgers might have to win another Super Bowl to guarantee it, though. Both Eli and Peyton Manning hosted the show shortly after Super Bowl wins.

2. Play in London: Rodgers said he "would love to play in Wembley (Stadium)." The Packers have yet to appear in the NFL's International Series, and the team probably doesn't want to relinquish one of its home games at Lambeau Field to make it happen. That doesn't mean they can't be the "visitor" in the game, of course.

How possible? Very. Rodgers is the best quarterback in the NFL, an obviously marketable asset for the league. Rodgers would obviously embrace the setting, and the Packers are probably overdue for a trip overseas. This could easily happen in the next five years.

3. Win a golf tournament: Rodgers -- like many professional athletes -- is a golf junkie. He's played in the American Century Golf Championship in Lake Tahoe (the Masters for football players on the eve of training camp) multiple times. We assume this is the tournament he has his eyes on. He certainly has the athleticism to succeed in golf, and his form is solid as you can see from this Happy Gilmore scene come to life:

How possible? Somewhat. You get what you put in. We imagine if Rodgers poured his energy into becoming a better golfer, he could at least win a pro-am or something. We're just not sure how the Packers would feel about this shift in priorities.

4. Travel to Egypt: Rodgers has been mostly confined to the United States since his NFL career began in 2005. He'd like to change that.

How possible? Certainly. Rodgers is a multi-millionaire. He could pick up Olivia and take a private jet to the pyramids tonight if he wanted to. He'd probably even get one of the special celebrity tours where they let you take home jewels from a sarcophagus.

5. Play golf in Scotland and Ireland: Wait, really?

How possible? I mean, c'mon. You know your life is good when you run out of legitimate bucket list ideas at three. Rodgers should consult with Andy Dwyer.

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