Aaron Rodgers explains mystery of 'New York Bozo'

Move over "Omaha." We're living in a "New York Bozo" world now.

During the Packers' Divisional Round playoff win over the Cowboys on Sunday, Aaron Rodgers peered over the line of scrimmage and barked out the mysterious phrase. FOX mics picked it up and left much of America asking the same question?

Who is the New York Bozo? On Sunday, a reporter asked the Packers' quarterback about it.

"What about it? Did you guys hear that?" Rodgers asked with a chuckle.

"Our guys don't know what that means, either. I don't know if you caught what (left tackle) David (Bakhtiari) said after I said that. Nobody knew what that meant. It obviously didn't mean anything."

And there's your simple -- if a tad bit disappointing -- answer. "New York Bozo" is what's known in the game as a dummy call. A bunch of nonsense representing nothing. And now that Rodgers has revealed this, we're unlikely to ever hear it again.

Way to go, intrepid reporter.

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