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Aaron Rodgers, Ben Roethlisberger top list of NFL's best QBs

On Wednesday, the 11th- and 10th-ranked quarterbacks (Matt Ryan, No. 77, and Cam Newton, No. 73) in "The Top 100 Players of 2015" were revealed on NFL Network. While we wait to see how the upper crust at the game's most important position shakes out, NFL Media analysts are taking their turns providing their top 10 quarterbacks heading into the 2015 season. NOTE: Click on tabs below to see each analyst's list.


The (green and) gold standard resides on a different level than the rest.


If winning a Super Bowl behind one of the league's five worst O-lines (in 2008) didn't impress you, Roethlisberger's marvelous '13 and '14 seasons (the two best of his career?) should.

Last we saw him, he was rallying his team from 10 down in the fourth quarter against the generation's best D in the sport's biggest game. Downside? He'll be 38 when the season starts.

Three straight playoff trips and gaudy individual numbers say he's the generational player he was supposed to be. The fact that he ranked among the INT leaders in two of his three seasons says he still needs to improve.

Yeah, he's got a great D and running game. He's also been to the Super Bowl the last two years and (despite that throw on 2nd-and-goal) has been as clutch as it gets.

Sorry, Saints fans, but 2014 showed that Brees' best days are behind him. It'll be interesting to see how his ego adapts to a run-first offense. (John Elway adjusted and won two rings; Dan Marino balked and got zero.)

Owning the mythical Best Rookie Season Ever and back-to-back NFC South titles doesn't do justice to his distinct skill set. Now that Newton's got two big WRs, his (in)accuracy issues should continue to dissipate.

For all his virtues, thriving behind a crummy O-line isn't one of 'em. Nevertheless, he's bounced back from a mid-career swoon to keep a flawed Chargers team relevant the last two seasons.


The Sheriff was dreadful last December and January. Was he badly injured or is he simply old? Until we know the answer to that, it's tough to reasonably project him in 2015.


... and four more for good measure:

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